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Best of the Week - First Winner Nov. 18, 2022

From vote count to race calls to mood of the electorate, AP commits ‘single largest act of journalism’

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AP delivered stellar work on the 2022 midterm elections with fast, accurate vote count and race calling, engaging explanatory journalism, unparalleled insight into the minds of voters thanks to AP VoteCast survey methodology, and ambitious, robust all-formats coverage. That teamwork chronicled an unexpectedly successful election for Democrats and the defeat of many candidates who supported baseless claims of 2020 election fraud.

The key to that performance was collaboration among formats, teams, departments and more across the entire AP, not just on Election Day but in the weeks and months leading up to Nov. 8 and beyond. That effort included a team of 60 race callers, AP’s expanded national politics team and its new democracy team, 30 live video cameras across the U.S., over 80 photographers and much more, all complementing the footprint of AP’s 50-state on-the-ground staff.

For reinforcing the cooperative’s longstanding reputation as the foundation of U.S. election coverage, AP’s vast, tireless U.S. elections team earns Best of the Week — First Winner honors.

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Best of the Week - Second Winner Nov. 18, 2022

AP cuts through the Twitter turmoil: What it all means to users of the bird platform

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AP's Business News department distinguished its coverage of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter by putting one key ideal at the center of the reporting: how the platform was changing itself, and how it might change the future of discourse on the site. This has allowed AP to cut through the daily chaos of Musk’s tweets, layoff reports and buggy things happening on the site to prioritize details of the fast-breaking story that mattered most to one key group of people: users.

Technology reporters Matt O'Brien and Barbara Ortutay, along with misinformation beat reporter David Klepper and other key contributors from AP departments around the world, helped ensure AP was competitive on the story, and that it was presented in a way that readers could understand and apply to their own user experience.

For thorough, nimble reporting on the constantly shifting developments at the social media leader — with a focus on how everyday users are affected — O’Brien, Ortutay and Klepper earn AP’s Best of the Week — Second Winner.

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